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How I Increased My Alexa Ranking Over 17 Million Places in 2 Weeks!

My website was registered on August 3rd, 2010, as anyone doing a whois search can verify. I installed the Alexa toolbar on day 1 to start tracking rank. At the time of writing this, my website has been online for less than 2 weeks, I have not promoted it on any social networks, and my rank has gone from over 18 million to already below 1 million (currently 965,630)! How did I do this?

As you may or may not know, Alexa is a measure of how well your website is doing on the web. You install the Alexa toolbar and like many of us, become obsessed watching that little number rise (hopefully) day by day. Having promoted many sites in the past, I have a good idea of how to hit those top spots, but this jump surprised even me!

Rule Number 1: Read and Employ Marketing Strategies

My background is in marketing and I can't stress this one enough. I start marketing from the very first design element of every website I create. When I visit Barnes & Noble, I don't read the "how to promote your website" books. I read marketing books that typically aren't focused on websites at all. Marketing has been around for centuries and the same rules apply! Even if you think you know marketing well, forget everything you think you know and go grab a couple books on Marketing principles. Nothing will make the juices flow more and you'll find many more ideas from one of these well written texts than a hundred blogs trying to tell you how to get backlinks.

Rule Number 2: Social Networking

If you're in to online marketing, you're no doubt sick of this phrase, but it's one that you should keep at the forefront of your strategy at all times. My website has only gone public with past connections I've made, including family, friends and many former colleagues. I've had over 100 unique hits to my site since day three of going live online and letting others know the url. What a difference maintaining positive relationships makes! Always strive to help others first. Keep your goals out in front, clearly visualized, but always take the time to step back and lend a helping hand when someone needs you. You can't fake sincerity.

Rule Number 3: Use the Right Keywords!

I've been fortunate in that I've had a lot of keyword training over the years. I can't count the number of videos and online tutorials I've seen of people demonstrating the incorrect way of attaining long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are your bread and butter and they will drive people to your site, time and time again. I have a lot more information on choosing the correct long tail keywords in my upcoming ebook, which will be released soon. Please add your name to my newsletter so that I may send you a free copy when it's completed!

Rule Number 4: Have Fresh Content!

It's another over-used acronym, but another one that can't be taken lightly. Once Google starts crawling your pages, you have to keep producing high-value content that it can find. Don't try the shortcut systems of keyword stuffing. Always operate your website with one important rule in mind; Google's smarter than you. Don't try to fool Google. Use it to your advantage. Learn how Google operates and create a website within those constructs. We've all seen site after site of people trying to fool the system. The occasional short-term success can be found doing this, but in the end, if you want a site that produces a monthly income, do things the right way. You'll end up using the same energy for either approach, so why not take the honest road that will bring income longevity?

These are my top 4 tips but there's a lot more to this. I encourage you to join my newsletter to gain access to my new ebook which details website marketing strategy. As I keep reminding everyone, is a site that I'm using as a model to show others how to start with nothing and build an income. There's a lot of million dollar sites on the web already making a nice profit. While I always encourage others to subscribe to as many of these sites as you can (you can't read enough), I also encourage you to follow my website as a live working example of how fast a website can rise to the top. I'll be employing a lot of tried and true strategy that I will gladly share with anyone who has an interest.

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Amy Kastner is a Web-Designer, Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Specialist. You can usually find her on twitter, where she occasionally writes about interesting stuff.


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