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Site Build It!

One of the best recommendations I can give for making money online is Site Build It! I don't give recommendations easily but I have personally worked with two individuals that used Site Build It! to launch their first websites ever and the results were both very impressive!

Site Build It! is not just another online web page creator. It's a suite of tools that allows you to create a site, monetize it and analyze it in every detail. Why would you want to do that? Being able to analyze so many aspects allows you to see what is working and make changes if something's not. I am forever the skeptic when it comes to online programs. It seems that everyone is giving "how to become rich online" advice these days. When I was first approached with the idea of helping someone startup a Site Build It! site, I was hesitant, to say the least. This woman was a complete novice to the internet and I feared she would be handing her money over to a lost cause. But, I could see the passion and excitement in her eyes as she told me about all the success stories of people who had used the product. I told her I would look into it if she would trust me with the information I found out.

I started researching the way I often do with a product I haven't heard of. I typed "Site Build It! scam" into Google. I found a few articles from people who claimed it was a scam, but could offer no proof as to why they felt that way. "Hmm... not quite the firepower I was looking for." I took my search to youtube and found a few hundred videos of people exclaiming Site Build It! was the real deal and the success they had found using the program. I began an email conversation with several of them, asking them about real results and proof of income. I received replies from all of them but only one person in particular took the time to send me a photocopied check from the company. This was a monthly check that exceeded $400. Not bad! It's not the "get rich online" program to end all others, but I felt that was a respectable monthly income from an internet site. I also called SBI and had a long conversation about how things worked. I got a real sense of sincerity from the person I spoke with. She informed me that Site Build It! was like any other business, in that you had to work it for it to work for you. She offered up the many success stories on their website and assured me that those were real people who had found real success with SBI. I decided to tell my friend that there was a potential for this to work, but that it could just as easily fail, as she had no internet marketing experience, and that concerned me most.

The Result

Over the course of the next few months, I did everything I could to help this person launch her first website and market it to the public. I got to see Site Build It! first hand and evaluate all of the tools myself. I was completely impressed. SBI shows you how to:
  • prepare for your online business
  • attract customers
  • provide value to your customers
  • create a profit
There's a wealth of information at your fingertips. They really want you to succeed and that makes sense because they succeed when you succeed. Keyword research is one of the most critical elements to online success and SBI was there to show exactly how to do this and I must admit that I picked up a few new ideas from following along.

SBI may not be for you or it may be just the thing. As with any business, I'm sure there are people who have failed at it. You still have to find a niche. You need to sell something that you know about or that you are passionate about to succeed. Anything less and you'll get bored with it. For this first person I helped, she is making a monthly income average of $800 a month after 22 months with the program. However, I have since started a friend on SBI. She has been with the company for 7 months and is making just over $100 a month. She assures me though that it's because she's put little time and investment into the program, as she works full time. She does believe it works though and that speaks volumes to me.

Final Thoughts

As with any online program or business opportunity in general, my strong advice is to read as much as you can. Visit the site, see what it has to offer and see if Site Build It! works for you! If you want to find out even more, click the link below and read some of the many success stories from everyday people like you!

Site Build It!
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