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About Amy

My name is Amy Kastner.  I am the creator and webmaster of  I'm a 30 year old stay at home Mom to 2 of the most beautiful children that I could have ever dreamed of.  I'm happily married and my hobbies include Flag Team Coach for a local high school, website design and creating gift baskets for local area residents in my hometown of Springfield, Mo.  I make personalized gifts as an outlet for my passion of creating.  You can see some of my designs at  I'm currently finishing up my Master's Degree in Education. I love working with kids.

I created web-design 101 for the sole purpose of helping beginners to create a website. As popular as the internet has become, there are still millions of people who don't know how to create a website or blog, but have a strong to desire to learn. I think there's a very big misconception with web design that only a professional can do a good job.  Today, there's such a wealth of information and tools available that anyone can learn what is needed to know and succeed in designing the perfect site.  The site is for showing the basics of web design and making it easy enough for anyone to understand.

Creating a website for the first time can seem like a daunting task but I've learned that anyone can do it with a little patience and guidance. Creating your own website can be a very rewarding and exciting experience. From making blogs to business sites to creating and selling items on my Etsy site, I've learned a great deal about making a website, promoting it and earning online income. It is these experiences that I want to share with you on this website.  You'll find a wealth of information here and you won't find me selling anything. It's all free and I simply want to help others any way I can. The internet has created some great new experiences in my life as well as a new source of income that I never imagined possible just a few years ago. In furthering my online journey, I hope to share what I've learned, collaborate with others and challenge myself along the way.  Web-Design101 is a site that I will promote and use as a tool to show others that you can start from ground zero, build it and then create a profit from it. It also allows me to meet some new friends along the way. I sincerely hope you say hello, collaborate and frequently visit to see how everything is going.

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