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Free Wordpress Install!

My frequent visitors know that I highly recommended Wordpress. It's a great option for a beginner designing a first website or an experienced designer, creating a unique website with a smart and modern look. Wordpress is used for both personal blogs and very large, high traffic business websites. I've installed and designed hundreds of Wordpress websites over the last decade, some for several thousand dollars. Professional web design companies charge hundreds to thousands for a Wordpress website. So it may be with some skepticism that you read this and wonder why I would offer a free Wordpress install?

My first commitment in running this website is to help others who are interested in learning about web design . If you're new to creating a website and you've been considering a Wordpress install, this is ideal. Your website will be completely installed, connected to a backend MySql database and ready to use. I'll setup your email, if requested, as well. After finishing, I'll email you the password for the administration console. You can immediately jump in and change it (if you prefer) and start changing the design. Since my website is hosted with the same company, I can help you through any questions you have. If you need any future help with design, simply come back to this website and ask. I've created websites for years and I'm pretty good at styling websites with css, as well as PHP programming. You're not only getting a free installation, you're getting a free resource for the life of your website, as well. Learning about Wordpress is only the beginning. You might want to learn how to install wordpress - theme it with different templates, use plugins, widgets and all the wonderful tools and toys that come with Wordpress. You may want to know about installing a shopping cart system, using an ftp or ssh client or monetizing your site and how to make money with it. I'll always be here, happy to answer any question and it's always free.

Your site gets hosted by WebFaction. This is the same host that I use. WebFaction is simply the best host you will find anywhere. They don't overbook their servers, which means your websites are always fast and the support is top notch! They offer unlimited websites, unlimited databases and many more features you won't find anywhere else. Here's some of my favorite features they offer:

Benefits of WebFaction:

  • The premier web host in the Web Hosting industry
  • The best price you'll find on "quality" Hosting anywhere
  • Free email AutoResponder for any email address you create. Most website owners pay aweber $20 a month for a separate responder service, but it's included with this web host.
  • You can create unlimited emails at your new domain
  • You can create unlimited websites for the price you sign up for
  • Full backup of all your data to remote servers every day. Another feature you can't do without. Most hosts make you do all your own backups!
  • Detailed daily usage statistics

That's just some of the great features. There are many more and for the quality of service offered, the price simply can't be beat. There are cheaper hosts out there, but I've used them and I will warn that you my experiences with these hosts was "less than pleasing". I've had entire websites disappear with nothing more than an apology for a server crash. I've dealt with hosts that would have 7 - 10 hours of overall downtime every week (this, despite claiming 99% uptime when I had signed on)! I even had a host that continually allowed their servers (and therefore my website) to be infected with malware! If you're only looking for a new web host today consider WebFaction. You won't be sorry!

Surely there's something in it for me, right?

WebFaction HostingThe only request I make is that when signing up with WebFaction (to have your website hosted), you go to the WebFaction site by clicking the banner ad on the right. By doing that, WebFaction will give me a very small referral payout of 10%. You pay the same amount for Web Hosting rather you click the banner ad or go to the site directly. Getting the occasional 10% is just a nice extra incentive I make for helping others. For example, if you decided to purchase a 1 year contract for Web Hosting, it would cost you $102.00. WebFaction would give me $10.20 for the referral (a very small profit for setting up a website!). However, I don't require this. If you choose not to use the referral link, I'll joyfully help you just the same. Having you as a return visitor is the greatest value I could gain from building your website.

What's the bottom line? How much this will cost me and how would we proceed?

If you're starting a brand new website, you need to decide on a url ( and go purchase it. You can use the company I choose (recommended for good pricing and so I can tell you exactly how to setup the nameservers and point them to WebFaction) by clicking here or use any other registrar of your choice. Hostway charges $7.95 for the first year and $9.95 for every year thereafter (for a .com or .net). As for the pricing with WebFaction, you'll need to choose a plan. You might just want to do the one month trial for $9.50. You could choose a year for $102.00 or you could choose the one I did and go 5 years for $330.00. That's a ridiculously low monthly fee of only $5.50!

That's it for all your costs! You purchase your url and purchase a web plan. Email me the information at: my gmail address I'll set everything up for you (almost always the same day, unless I'm lucky enough to be world traveling for a few days off!) and email you back when everything is finalized. I'll also include a pdf of instructions for getting your website going right from the start. We'll hopefully get to know each other in the years to come, working to make your website a success!

Amy Kastner is a Web-Designer, Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Specialist. You can usually find her on twitter, where she occasionally writes about interesting stuff.

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