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An Overview of Creating a New Website

Web-Design101 Author Amy KastnerWe're going to outline the steps to creating a website one by one. Clicking on the 'Topics' links on the right will take you through the entire process and explain everything in a very thorough manner. There's many different options available when site building, so I'll suggest a few options and leave you with the tools necessary to look elsewhere for other ideas.

When building your website, there's a lot of factors to consider. What will your domain name be? Where will you host your site? Do you need to connect to a database and how do you do this? Do you need a shop to sell things? How do you get setup to accept credit cards? What is a CMS and do you need one? How much money will all this cost and what are your options to do it free? How do you add click-ads to make money? What's the best tools for editing a website? How do you build website traffic? How do you promote your site? How do you make money with it? The list could go on and on and we're going to step through each one of these questions. Feel free to comment and let me know of any questions I can answer!

Let's get started if you're ready! Click the link on the top right to 'Choose a Domain Name' to begin.

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