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Optimize Your Website

Optimizing a website is one of the most overlooked aspects of creating a new website. This is unfortunate as page optimization is one of the most crucial aspects of being a Webmaster. Getting traffic to your site is key to sales and success. It's not enough to create a new website, create a few articles and then expect the visitors to come rolling in.

Start researching and understanding SEO

SEO is the fine art of Search Engine Optimization. If you're new to it, Google it, and start understanding what it is. When you launch a new website, you're competing against hundreds of thousands of other websites and you need to rise to the top to be successful. You have to equip yourself with the knowledge that will allow you to out-think your competitors. There are as many different theories on SEO optimization as there are on religion. I won't pretend to know everything there is to know about SEO (it's always changing so I'm not sure anyone could make this claim), but I submit the following list as the tried and true principles of success that have served me well over the years:

  • Use a Keyword Tool and build a niche site around 12 - 15 keyword phrases.
  • Make sure each keyword has between 2500 - 5000 "exact searches".
  • Keep the "broad keyword search" for your topic between 250,000 and 1.5 million searches.
  • Stay away from competing sites that have thousands of backlinks. Refine your niche if you're seeing this.
  • Set your niche to compete against other sites with low page ranks. Get the WebRank SEO tool for Google Chrome or Firefox, search Google for your niche and look at page rank for those top sites.
  • Market, market, market! Join social networks, make friends, spend some advertising dollars and get the word out about your site.
  • Refine and Optimize. Repeat over and over. Keep doing ongoing keyword research and make certain you get your keywords on page 1 of Google.
Website Optimization is an overwhelming aspect of creating a website. Don't be intimidated by this. Just take your time, understand the concepts and start applying them on a daily/weekly basis. After a while, the techniques will become second nature and you'll see your rewards in the success of your new website.

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