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Submit Your Site to Google Search Engine

Submit Your Site to GoogleOnce your site is created, you'll want to submit it to Google. There's more than one way to do this but the purpose of presenting this information is to show you the best way.

How do I submit my site to Google?

You could easily head over and use the friendly Google submit form but that's not ideal. Google will eventually index the website you submit here but the search engine king will give more relevance to your site (and index it quicker) if you show them that you're taking appropriate steps to promote your website. Ideally, you want to submit your website to Google using one or all of the following methods.

  • Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and submit a sitemap.
  • Link to your new website from several other popular websites.
  • Create an account at, write a short article about something relative to your new site content and submit the article with a link back to your website.
I have used the Google site submission form in the past and the results have always been poor. It takes weeks to get your site indexed and some people report it taking as long as 2 months. Using Webmaster Tools, I typically have my website indexed the next day.. 2 at the most. Ezine Articles has very high page rank so Google indexes it multiple times a day and if it finds your link, the Google bot is off to index your website.

How do you know when Google has added your site to their index? That's a great question that you any good Webmaster should want to know. The simplest method is to open up google and type the following in the search field:
This not only shows you if your site has made it to Google, but you now know the exact number of pages that Google has indexed.

Which Search Engines Should You Submit To?

Be sure to spend your time submitting only where you need to.

Google certainly isn't the only search engine out there but the simple fact is they own the lions share of search engine traffic. The latest 2010 online results are consistent with previous years in that Google still owns over 70% of market share. Google Search Engine Share Chart Driving Google traffic to your website should be your primary goal. For Yahoo, experience has taught me that submitting a sitemap is the best way to start getting search engine traffic from the Internet's second place search engine. Bing, on the other hand, appears to be handing out traffic in the same manner that Google does, meaning that letting them find your link is typically enough. It appears to be a worthy time investment to be sure that the top 3 search engines are indexing your website. Beyond that, your time would probably be spent better creating a new article to bring more traffic back to your site by means of Google.

Amy Kastner is a Web-Designer, Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Specialist. You can usually find her on twitter, where she occasionally writes about interesting stuff.


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