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Tips on Starting a New Blog

Setting up a blog is typically a quick decision that people make after visiting a blog that receives a lot of high volume. It's enticing to see a popular blog and leads many to think "I could write about stuff like this if this is all it takes to have a popular website." Thus, another blog is born. Within the next hour, these new bloggers typically decide their new blog name, where they want to set their new blog up, and what they want to blog about. They register the new blog and even dish out the first post. Over the course of the next week, they add another two or three posts and by the end of the second week, they realize that they have no traffic at all and no idea how to get visitors. The new blog starts collecting virtual webs and blogging is put on the bottom of the "to-do" list, where it generally stays.

Give it Some Thought

Starting a new blog can, and should be, a lot of fun. Writing on my blog is actually something I always look forward to. It can be the most relaxing part of the day for a writer wanting to express him/herself and it provides a great outlet to allow for this. Here's a list of how I would go about doing it, and some instruction for a first time blogger to get it done.

Set Your Expectations First

What do you want out of your blog? Is it meant to be a personal blog for family and friends only (if so, setting it up quickly and running with it may work just fine for you) or are you wanting your blog to become a popular hotspot on the web? If so, understand the amount of time you'll need to invest. Writing posts is the easy part of blogging. The time consuming part is setting time aside, on a nightly basis, to socialize on other blogs/social networks, creating backlinks on other sites, and marketing and promoting of your blog. Creating a popular blog or website is a part time (and very often a full time) job.

What should I blog about?

This may or may not be an easy decision but there's still a method you should consider. Most people have an interest such as fashion or photography (for example) and so the first thought is to think of a clever play on words, create their new blog title and start blogging. This isn't a formula for successful blogging. Successful blogs are about niches. For those fortunate enough to take a serious approach to blogging in the 90s, the field was wide open and you could blog about anything. In present day, you'll have a tough time competing with the hundreds of thousands of established blogs (without investing a good amount of money), so you need to create a niche. If you're into photography, consider blogging about black and whites only. Narrow it down some more and blog about black and whites taken with ixy cameras. You get the idea. By using this formula, search engines will lead those narrow search terms right to your site. Be a specialist in your niche and provide some unique content and insight!

Naming Your Blog

What will you name your blog?

Take your time when selecting your name. Your name is the one thing you can't change so be sure your 100% committed to it!

A good name is important for success. Take a few days to consider what your blog name will be. A good name will likely take some time to think up, as it needs to be unique, easy to pronounce and memorable. Consider appealing to your niche. Make sure the name conveys an image. Try to stay away from generic names that apply to your topic. It's also generally believed that shorter names simply work better.

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